A confession….

Last night I passed over my baby to my daughter and her friend. Just for the one night I might add.

As I repeated how important my baby was, how they were to really look after her because well….

I stroked my babies back as I passed her over. I sorted a few things out for them all and then I left.

Waking up I realised my baby was in their charge. As they were still sleeping soundly I could not go in and get my baby just in case I woke the sleeping.

Downstairs I made a cup of tea, emptied the dishwasher, washed up the remaining. Not having my baby downstairs meant this was done much quicker without any distraction.

That done I reached for a pen and paper. I felt lost, there were lots of jobs to do without my baby but I could not concentrate.

8.35 a.m still sleeping soundly. A busy evening at the beach followed by a late night could mean a 10 a.m wakening or later. Deep breathe, could I wait that long? Perhaps I could tiptoe in and reach for my baby.

Oh sod it! I am going to get my ‘Laptop’ back now, I mean it is probably missing me too!!!

This is a confession that a lot of my life is online now. That the first thing in the morning fix of checking emails, blogs and tweets is not only important workwise, but also at a personal level too.

That despite my life being full of lovely people. There are a lot of online people that make you smile inside and out and actually that is kind of important.

So thank you one and all who raise a smile from me first thing in the morning or any part of the day for that matter 🙂 x

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