5 tips for a brighter Winter

Once the clocks turn back Winter really comes in quickly so here are my tips for a brighter winter.

Painted Toes

Yes I know our little toes are going to be hidden from view for most of the Winter, escaping maybe for the odd spangley sandals moment at some festive do but…

Painted toes make me smile! Nice bright toes when you step out of bed (if you don’t wear socks #coughs, that is) or when your in the shower cheers us up. They remind us of Summer and well that makes us feel happy. I know Hello it’s Gemma always has painted toes, only because it says so on her twitter intro I might add!

So if your Summer toe nail polish has got more chips on that the local chip shop then get removing and re-polishing. If you gone all natural and you have those beautiful toe nails, well all I can say is I’m jealous!


Love love scarves. They don’t have to be expensive and quite frankly wear a bright scarf and no-one see’s anything else, well when your outside that is. Scarves make your neck feel happy and warm. Choose the right colour to lift your ‘looking a bit like winter face’ and your on to a winner.

My collection of scarves varies from silky ones to great big i could make a jumper with that ones. But from now on if I am out and sometimes when I am in your find a scarf around my neck.


Now after the above I bet you think I have bright wellies? But no I have green wellies because I like

green wellies! Tempting as all the bright wellies are I do like my muddy green wellies, but this isn’t about the colour of your wellies this is about getting outside.

Nothing beats (okay well some things will but…) popping your wellies on getting out in the fresh air, getting muddy and coming back home to a cup of tea and hopefully some cake.

Having dogs I have to do this but even if it a rainy weekend I still love to go out because going out even in the rain will make you feel brighter than shut indoors all day.


Okay we are back to girly stuff and it’s got to be lipstick. It doesn’t have to be bright to make you feel brighter but I think it just makes you look in the mirror and say ‘Yep!’. As well as the extra bonus that lots of lipsticks contain moisturiser so you won’t get dry Winter lips!


My well loved casserole pot!

Winter makes some of us go into hibernation a bit, so for me using Halloween, bonfire night and of course then Christmas is a great excuse to get friends together.

These times usually mean children included and I always enjoy these times when you get a happy mix of children who don’t usually hang out and well just have a good time.

Winter also means comfort food so to make a huge soup or casserole doesn’t break the bank.

So those are my top tips for making your winter brighter, I would love to know yours?

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