smokey sausage and bean casserole

5 things to do with a sausage

smokey sausage and bean casseroleOh wash your dirty minds I mean cooking sausages of course!!! So last week was National Sausage week, that one slipped me by but I thought I would give you my top 5 things of what I do with them.

Although not the healthiest of foods on the planet the sausage appears every 10 days or so in one way or another here. Sausages are nearly always a favourite with children so it is a great time to try them with new flavours too. They makes for perfect Winter food.

So here is my top 5 ways to deal with a sausage!!!!

1. It is  a complete hit here is my Smoky Bean and sausage casserole, served with rice, mash, Jacket potato or just some bread. Sprinkle with cheese if liked and you got yourself a filling and yummy meal that won’t break the bank.

2. Phil Vickery’s spicy sausage pilaf – This again is good filling food, again makes it a great value meal. I changed his recipe about to make it more of a quicker supper so I will blog the recipe out soon as I plan to make it again next week.

3. Totally simple my sausage and apple tray bake. It a slam it in the oven one again quick and easy. Switch to different vegetable to have with it, these time of year pumpkin or squashes are a great addition.

4. Good old toad in the hole. The Go To Mum blogged her recipe over Halloween with a really great name for baked beans. Yep you will have to pop over to Kizzy and see now 🙂 Kizzy uses more eggs than me but water instead of milk. It is interesting how people’s recipes are different.

5. Sausage pasta, this Good Food recipe is simple and perfect for a quick supper. I have made it quite a few times and usually add peppers, courgettes and mushrooms to it for a bit of extra goodness!

Of course there is good old sausage and mash, sausages and onion gravy.  Not forgetting sausage, egg and chips some days just shouts for a meal like that!!!

Sausages are just a good family favourite and it is great to have some different idea’s of what to do with them. Love to hear your favourites 🙂

While we are on sausages, Aldi told me about 3 of their own ones. They look great value, I haven’t tried them but I work with Aldi quite often and always really happy with their products and value for money so thought I let you know about them.

First up Aldi offer: Aldi sausages

Ashfield Farm Ultimate British Sausages – £1.99, 375g/400g

Ashfield Farm Ultimate British Sausages are fantastic, high quality sausages. Available in Pork and Herb, Pork and Apple, Pork, Pork Chipolata and Cumberland varieties.


Butcher’s Choice Sausages – £1.49, 454g

Aldi’s 100% British Butcher’s Choice Sausages come in four variants: Pork, Beef, Lincolnshire and Cumberland. aldi Butcher select sausages

and finally their:

Everyday Sausages – 84p, 681g

Aldi’s Everyday Sausages represent amazing value at only 84p for 12, so you can keep the whole family well fed without breaking the bank.

All are available in store all year around so definitely worth a look out for.

I hope you enjoyed my  round-up 🙂

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