5 things I did to make Christmas easier this year

christmas-telephone-boxChristmas is this epic event, that I love and find stressful in near equal measures. I think when it comes to it, especially if you are a parent our ultimate end goal is to make Christmas’s into happy memories. But quite often the pressure of Christmas, endless to do list’s, money, juggling seeing people, trying to please everyone (fact, near impossible!), coping with Winter bugs flying around and the list goes on.

But this year I have done a few different things that have really helped and also took the pressure off. Though keeping it real, yesterday I also was getting frustrated with other members of the household as come on guy’s I can’t be expected to pull this whole Christmas gig of without help! So as I yesterday which will ease the list and stress I added number three. Believe me, I am not great at asking for that!

1. Aim for perfection will probably end in disappointment: A few things I have been doing the last third of the year has helped me let go of this quite easily. To be honest I always work by the rule that actually nothing is ever perfect because at the end of the day everyone’s perfect is different. But this year I joined Laura in her Balance Club which really helped me get life, well more balanced!  For me and for what I know my little gang here would wish for Christmas is obviously…some of the list fulfilled, laughter and a relax home, nice food, little stress and more relaxed chilled out time together. We don’t have a huge family at all, so Christmas day it will be just us and that makes life much easier to plan. Though I would also love to have a huge family to cook for and spoil but letting go of that, I love our chilled out Christmas for four!

2. A Christmas bank account: If I told myself this time last year that we would of put away pretty much enough to pay for Christmas with several means that also included bingo at place like games village  I would of gone you have to be kidding. But carefully thought out, our Christmas bank account has been funded without any of our regular earnings and also has been tax free! That of course is not for everyone but I do highly recommend if you can, to have a bank account that you put money away for help towards the Christmas bill! No matter how careful you are Christmas is a added expensive to your year. Having some money set aside just takes the financial pressure off a bit. Money worries increase stress levels beyond belief and if you can relieve that a bit, that will equal a more relaxed Christmas.

3. Ask for help: Christmas is often pretty much organised within families by the Mum in the house. This happens for reasons that also include, a man’s idea of what needs to be done for Christmas may equal a somewhat different day. I love men’s quite often less complex attitude towards things, I even envy it. But the less is more works brilliantly in some situations but in others perhaps not so. Females tend to love details and it is the little details that make Christmas in my opinion. Just pea’s for the veg on Christmas dinner would not quite cut it for me. Apologies, all males reading this I am speculating not only on what my darling husband may well do but observations of others! Of course if you are a Jamie Oliver version, do you want to come around for Christmas here! So this year, after lightly barking at people in our household yesterday a bit of extra help is at hand. Yep, I have not wrapped any presents other than the ones that went in the post. So today after doing this, walking the dogs, Bex and I are doing a epic wrapping session. Aim today everything to wrap except the ones that have yet to arrive! I have also asked that actually I may want some help over actual Christmas so I am not the usual house keeping role. I want to have some chill out time too so help in the kitchen will be enlisted at the very least.


4. Letting go of (some) guilt and sad associations: I am not going to dwell on this number for long. Christmas does have some very sad associations attached to it for me and also Cam. I also feel the guilt that my sister is missing out on seeing her son grow up and for her not being here for them and to enjoy life. Life dishes out some awful stuff but holding myself in that place won’t make things back to how they should be. This year I did let go of some of the guilt because I had to. Since the age of 19 when I lost my Mum, Christmas also is a time I feel awful things will happen. This I know has been pass on to Bex, so for her I have to let go of it too. Letting go of guilt and sadness around Christmas means that I have happiness in my heart of all the good stuff and there was a lot of that to hold x

5. Embracing my two getting older: The question is do I or do I not do glittery boot prints for Santa? Yep, my two are far too old for that but in my heart they are not. The other day Santa made me cry or the sight of a Dad rushing out his house, toddler on hip in order to catch Santa before he drove away on his tractor and trailer (yep the modern farmer Santa!). I was out walking with my three dogs, telling them their is Father Christmas (yep, dogs make great substitute little one’s!) and the sight of the man rushing out just made me cry! Don’t worry I was not sobbing in the street but literally tears and a talking to as I headed home. My two 17 and 15 are without a doubt growing up. So instead of mourning the younger versions of them, I am rejoicing in the other bits. The list may not be so long and I will probably read The Jolly Christmas Postman to one of the dogs (crazy dog women alert!) this year but I will embrace it all the same. Mulled wine?

So those are my 5 things that really have made a difference to have I have coped (that is the right word) this December.

Today is as I said wrapping, marzipan the cake and a few odds and sods of shopping.

Let the final countdown to Christmas begin…3 more day’s to go!


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