clocks turning back

5 Great things about the clocks going back

clocks turning backOther than the extra hour of course on Sunday which is always nice. One I think should happen every Sunday and taken away from Monday what do you think? But the dark evenings are not something most of us really like so when I looked at the clock at 5.25 and it was dark outside (I’d usually be out in the light walking the dogs!) I thought to stay positive I would write this post 🙂

Number one: Shut the day out, yes you can draw the curtains, pull the blinds and shut the day out till tomorrow. Depending on your day this can be quite nice, mentally despite having lots of other things to do inside it gives a bit of final to the day. occasionally will help your brain to relax a bit sooner too 🙂

Number two: As I typed that I really did think about going to the toilet, just me again? Yep, o.k move on. You can have an early shower and put your P.J’s on without feeling guilty. You know in the Summer when the sun shines (yes stop laughing it did once or twice!) then putting P.J’s on at six ‘o’ clock seven thirty just feels wrong. It kind of taunts you that you need to be out there and your brain (well mine) tells you it is a bit lazy being in P.J’s so early. But now it’s dark well it perfectly okay unless your going out then it is not!!!

Number three: Once your P.J’s are on and everyone is fed and everything you have to do is finished, there is no nicer place to be than snuggled under a blanket on the sofa. I call it ‘hibernation mode’ and I am not making up excuses my body tells me to slow down this time of year and who am I not to listen!!!

Number four: Cooking in the kitchen feels nicer, the fairy lights that we put  on the sticks that we brought at Ikea before we moved here always offer a lovely warm, comforting light put on the under cupboard lights just add to these cosiness So it a nice place to cook and eat in. My flash refuses to play ball so image it without the flash light!!!

Number five: Back to using the ‘hibernation mode’ quite frankly if by eight thirty you are tired and your bed calls then it has been dark for 3 hours so listen to your internal body and head to bed. At this point I will go up notepad and pen in hand looking like I will be busy plotting and planning the reality is usually before an hour ( I am being generous here!) is up my eyelids have got the better of me and I am catching up on my sleep. After all it is Autumn heading into Winter far to quickly and if I was a Hedgehog I be curled up asleep for the Winter in some leaves!!!

So hope that lifts your spirits if like me you would rather it was lighter really. On the upside we have 51 days till the shortest day so it will get darker earlier everyday till then and it will start getting lighter again 🙂



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