House selling tips

3 top tips for selling your house in today’s market

Firstly I am really sorry if you stopped by for *fantastic tips, I haven’t turned into Phil Spencer overnight or anything. At least not the last time I looked but of course if you were looking for real tips I feel bad, so pop over to good old **Phil  who has some great ones. Having said that I have followed Phil’s tips and gone one step further. Okay I am not sure what that one step further is but as I typed it I felt good about it so that is all that matters!!!

As it is our .lovely ***’Philed’ house with gorgeous views etc etc has been on the market since April. Currently 3 viewing, rephrase currenting 3 viewings only one turned up!!! Good ha ha isn’t it, at this point I will NOT moan about people who don’t turn up, who ever does that???!!!!

So as it is to keep me smiling and you if you are in the same boat as me I have come up with these three tips:

House selling tipsTip 1: The winter is coming, the weather may turn rougher so it is now time to get the wood preserver out on your ‘For Sale’ sign. We don’t want wood rot now do we?

Tip 2: Once your wood preserver has dried how about thinking about a nice climber? Something evergreen I was thinking to make the sign look a bit brighter. Perhaps an Ivy and then in the spring maybe think about a Clematis or two!!! December I am thinking Christmas lights for the full on festive look!!!

Tip 3: Go articial, no I am not talking about me and you. No fake tans and ****boobs for us, I am talking about house plants and flowers. I bought three plants in April I now have one sad-looking Peace Lily, one in the compost bin and another doing an impression of a plant that it is not meant to be. The flowers I bought for the viewing that did turn up look a bit sad right now, I was hoping had the last person bothered to turn up they do too, which they would have had they bothered to come!!!  So go artificial is my advice, a quick dust off or in my case between viewing get the hoover on the job and I am sure they will look lovely.

They you go, what more do you need to know, top tips fresh (unlike my plants and flowers) from me!!!!

*This would only be the case if my SEO was really working so if that is you let me know 😉

** Sorry Phil you are not old and I think you are rather lovely, my tastes do need re-checking once in a while!!! I do cry every time you are on T.V I have  even been a totally sad sap and tweeted you a few times in the hope you will come and sell my house. The fact you never replied on all occasions means I won’t tweet you again as a rule  I follow: Ignore me once, ignore me twice and a 3rd and your out SOZ!!!! (Soz sounds some much better than sorry when you are casting someone aside! doesn’t it?!!)

***Philed means I followed all Phil Spencer’s rules, neutral light decoration, new carpets, nice welcome from the front (i.e the front garden, door etc looks inviting…) super clean and sparkly (only for viewings BTW) smells yummy and welcoming and there are no dog poo’s on the lawn ETC…..

****Big fake boobs now that may well work you know!!!


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