3 smells that took me back to childhood this week

Smell is one of those weird things that can transport you back with a sniff!!! The nice thing usually about smells that take you back is there usually nice, in fact all the bad smells I smelt in my life my brain has chosen to have forgotten. Except the smell of hops when my Dad was making beer one Christmas eve, myself, Sister and Brother  sat on the sofa watching Scrooge gagging with the smell, yes I remember that one.

This week anyway they were nice smells so first up was:

The Hot Water Bottle

The comfort of the warmth and smell 🙂

It has been cold this week so my children asked for their hot water bottles. There is something so comforting about cuddling a hot water bottle but for me too it’s the smell. Obviously I don’t go sniffing hot water bottles but it is that smell when you expel the air before filling it. As the kettle boils I am there sniffing the hot water bottle and been taken back to childhood. When I have finished there is not a single bit of air left and I left there holding an airless bottle with a smile on my face. Once filled that wonderful warmth is an extra treat too!!!

Roasting Coffee

Mmmm, smell 🙂

Yesterday whilst taking the dogs out with Oscar, the smell of freshly roasted coffee filled the air. Nearby there is a roasting house it only a small business at the moment so they micro roast (yes in small quantities) so it is a real treat getting a sniff of this smell. This just sends me back to memories of being in town as a child. Roasting coffee smells so different to actual fresh coffee but I am plumping for the name Carwardines as the place that roasted it and the funny thing is I don’t remember going in there at all just the smell takes me back from passing by.

A pudding

Smell that comfort!!!

We were lucky enough to be sent a pudding to try which I’ll tell you about next week but the smell of this pudding covered me with a blanket of comfort. As it had gluten in I just sat there sniffing the empty foil tray. It was the most comforting smell I actually wanted to keep the container just to sniff for a day or two. But as that might make me look slightly more bizarre than I do already I did pop it in the recycling.

It took me back to the delicious steamed puddings my Mum very occasionally made. Not only yummy but the smell was always just ‘ahhhh’. She made a toffee version and also a lemon one which is the smell I was wrapped in this week. I am actually going to dig out a recipe and make a gluten-free version or perhaps one I can just keep and sniff.

So they you go, three smells I smelt this week that sent me back to the comfort of childhood. So have you been transported back  lately with a sniff?

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