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World baking Day & Dr Oetker

Today is world baking day, the day the oven gets switched on to make lovely goodies, except I am typing this and it is gorgeously sunny! I have had an early morning dog walk, blissfully quiet and perfect temperature for both dogs and red heads like myself!

But right now baking may not be my top choice, warming up the already warm kitchen I may just wait till this evening. So in Blue Peter style here are some we made earlier!

The lovely people at Dr Oetkers sent us some gorgeous goodies. It was the week of Bex’s mocks, stresses were running higher than usual. So one of my plans for World Baking Day were to convert the non-baker into the therapeutic benefits of baking.


Bex and I made some simple cupcakes using the standard recipe on the back of the Silver spoon castor sugar. It a good one to follow and is pretty foolproof I think.

What better way of convincing you that baking is relaxing, something to be enjoyed and of course there is always the benefit of home-made baked goodies which are several times tastier than what you buy!

I love the way these chocolate cupcake look!  Cake stand by Hallmark

I love the way these chocolate cupcake look!
Cake stand by Hallmark

Only my eyes saw the enjoyment and relaxation on Bex’s face, sometimes moments are ruined by getting the camera out! But as I busied myself washing up, the cake decorating got done. Half were covered in buttercream and decorated the over half were covered in chocolate cupcake style with the very easy to use Dr Oetkers cooking chocolate. We did a 50/50 split with milk and their 70% plain. They made for very professional looking cakes and with all the gorgeous decorations Dr Oetkers have it was so easy for Bex to ‘bling’ them up.

Simply but very effective!

Simply but very effective!

We also made chocolate chip biscuit with Dr Oetker chocolate chips and the limited edition Caramel flavour, which is gorgeous by the way. The recipe I used I felt left the biscuit a little to oily so I will get back to you on a better recipe for that. Never the less they were enjoyed and the kids loved the caramel flavouring. They smelled wonderful whilst they were baking I  must say!

It did not take long to make the cakes, cool them and then for Bex to decorate them till her heart was content! One of life’s simple pleasures I think.

We loved the Dr Oetker range which is priced well. We were also sent some powdered egg whites which watch this space for us to try out. A great way to make meringues without the worry of what to do with all the egg yolks!

For me I saw the relaxing effects of baking at their best! Of course being a teenager she had to take a ‘selfie’ which was more her and less cake but you can see the happy smile that reached her eyes!!!

One happy cake maker & decorator! Dr Oetker range can be found in most supermarkets in the baking aisle.

 We were sent a selection of Dr Oetker products to have a play with and we enjoyed it very much!

I would like to thank Lucy for sending us the goodies they are great!


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  1. Ojo Henley says:

    Omg! I love Dr. Oekter stuff, you lucky thing! x

    1. Ali says:

      They have some really great stuff! So much fun to use as you can see! x

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