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My Sunday waffles

I am writing this on Saturday as the sun is supposed to be out in total full shine on Sunday and I fully intend to make the most of it. The week has been rather gorgeous full stop and as I type the sun is pouring in to the kitchen which is rather hot. This week has been rather busy, but in between times I have been enjoying reading all the different Cybermummy posts, though yet to read them all. Mummy from the Heart, Mostly yummy Mummy and Alexandra Residence to name but a few. Then Mummmy from the heart post yesterday about her quandary of her blogs made me think and I thought this could be my Sunday waffle. It was good timing as stress, I did two sponsored posts in a row. Not … Read entire article »

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Two months of blogging and…

Well I have been blogging for just two months today so I thought I would do a little celebratory post, oh any excuse for a bit of a celebration. Actually this post really is not about me because although this blog is me (my sister reading my blog said it just like you talking phew I didn’t want to sound like anyone else) it is more about well the people I am finding along the way and I know there are lots more to discover so please feel free to point me in the right direction. Firstly I will¬† do a few newbies like me, Michelle at Old Fashioned Mummy and Jackie at Green Aspirations started out maybe a little before me, Michelle has just completed the A-Z daily challenge which hands … Read entire article »

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The weeks Grrr’s, Smiles and Mmm’s

  A good week has been had by all really. Always blissful when the children are on their school holidays, well most of the time. So lets start with the Grr’s: While visiting a European market selling lots of yummy stuff, the children were drawn (of course) to a stall selling German pick and mix sweets. They looked like any ordinary British sweets to me but three times the price, then spotting a label showing I was indeed proved right (it happens all the time!) made and distributed in Hertfordshire U.K umm sorry !!! Why do I still always feel sick when riding a bike down hill, it is the same feeling as when I was younger when you rode a horse over a jump, shudder ! Having to stand up on the train and … Read entire article »

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Easter Tree

Every Easter we decorate a few branches to make a Easter tree which always look very pretty. A nice way to brighten up your table, even if you can’t see the person opposite you, sometimes this is handy but all joking apart my 2 and myself of course still like sitting down together and doing this. This year I made it easy to share with every one else so I have put up a Easter template of eggs and birds for you to print out and decorate till your hearts content. Just click here to go to the page. Pencils were the order of the day for us, with added patterns like the lovely hearts bird by Bex. Oscar did some gorgeous egg designs and I just had fun. You can use … Read entire article »

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Being Cool

All this lovely sunshine makes the holidays even better doesn’t it ? My two have been just enjoying being kids really. We have escaped to the beach and there is something about it when they are there, they always seem so free. Away from the pressures of being ‘Cool’, what is it with today that everything once they hit a certain age has to be just cool !!! Bex my daughter and I were chatting on my bed the other day and she was making me laugh as she was saying how she talks to her friends, for example if they had seen us all out on our bikes, she would say to them in grumble speech about how she was made to go out and do a family thing because…….. It … Read entire article »

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