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My Baby is 12 years old today

Sorry but where did those 12 years go? I mean really it cannot be, I can clearly remember the midwife, Rachel her name was, laughing and saying it was more like my husband who was going to have the baby rather than me.

As I stride around a rather nice room, keeping on the move as I truly thought this would ease the pain.

It is a funny old thing giving birth really, not knowing what to expect. I would never say I was the most relaxed but giving birth never really worried me.

So with just gas and air (yes I am showing off!) and rather a long time in labour and with a bit to many people now in the room. Yes Bex was being a little bit stubborn in the final stage 1 hour and 50 minutes is really a little long to be pushing,  so they brought in the crew to, well get her out. Luckily some rather bossy midwife type person (not on my Christmas list!) said to me “Stop making those noises in your throat and use your energy to push!”. Right I will show her and out came Rebecca within a minute. Yeah that will teach you to criticise me Mrs.

No doubt that was a tactic she used and give her, her due it worked.

Anyway here we are 12 years later so instead of wiping her
face in the morning I am covering up her spots (apparently I am really good at it!), instead of reading her bedtime stories I am listening to her tell me about the good, the bad and the ugly parts of her day. They always like to open up just when they snuggle in bed.

We sit and watch Friends together instead of Maisie Mouse, and instead of singing the theme to the Tweenies we sing the Friends theme tune and do it a little dance.

All the things I thought I’d lose, have been replaced with something else.

Bex is growing up, but I am growing up with her. Long may it continue and the “Mum can I have a hug” yes Bex always.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl XXX

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2 Responses to "My Baby is 12 years old today"

  1. northernmum says:

    Oh happy birthday,

    times just creeps by doesnt it! – I cant imagine hiding spots not poo yet…..

    J x

    1. Ali says:

      Thank you, had lovely day despite it raining most of the time. Yes the time creeps by, and the spots come far to quickly :( having said that nappies and poo seem a distant memory so perhaps time doesn’t fly as quickly as it feels or I am losing my memory with age !!! Prob more like it :) x

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