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Morphy Richards Breeze Iron

When Janelle ask if I would like to review the Breeze iron it was tempting to just say can I pass. But obviously as I knew when I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a ‘Morphy Richards Innovator’ that an iron would come up. After all an iron was one of the items that inspired Morphy Richards to start out with back in 1935 and 1937 brought their first electric iron.

Those who have read previous posts will know I don’t do ironing. My iron has the occasional dusting off for:

  • Iron on labels
  • Turning up trousers
  • A desperate crumpled situation.
  • Hamo Beads

The Over a Cuppa belief is body heat is the perfect ironing device. In fact once upon a time I didn’t get a job looking after someones children because I said I didn’t iron. Silly me not realising they wanted ironed children not well cared for!!!
Morphy Richards Breeze iron

But if you are one of the following this review may be for you:

  • You have a smart job that requires smart clothes
  • Your partner has a smart job that requires smart clothes
  • You find ironing therapeutic
  • You like a non crumpled exterior to cover your crumpled interior ( I go for crumpled in and out!)
  • Your body is not as hot as mine (!) and therefore can’t cope with getting out the creases.

    So I took this iron for a play, well I ironed a couple of school shirts. It heated up nice and quickly, not even time to make a cup of tea whilst it did so. It removed the creases even the deep ones caused by over filling the washing machine!!!
    It offers a powerful 120g stream shot, a ceramic soleplate, anti-scale system and is anti-drip which has got to be a good thing I am sure!!! Most importantly it does come in a pretty purple colour and has a 3 year guarantee.

    At £19.99 it seems to have a lot to offer for ironing fans, it is self-cleaning though the only cleaning I  have ever done with my iron is that of scrubbing off melted Hamo beads when I didn’t put enough grease proof  paper but that is another story.

    Breeze is just one of Morphy Richards irons so do pop over and see what other irons ones they have to offer and don’t forget to like the Morphy Richards Facebook page as they always have some good special offers for their fans.

Thank you Janelle for sending me the iron, on two days Oscar wore iron shirts to school :-)

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