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Meal planning Monday

Yes I missed last week, I needed to do my big shop and just didn’t really feel particularly inspired. Now I can’t even remember what we had now, must have been exciting then!!! Actually last night did have a yummy lamb stir fry and egg fried rice and on Thursday had Indian and I made homemade chapatis’ which the kids loved. They were a bit messy to make and whilst cooking them I was rather in awe of Indian women who make these daily.

So this week is the last week for Bex at school and Oscar has two days next week and it’s my birthday at the weekend so I have given myself the weekend off cooking. Yet to tell my husband but well if he reads this then he will know!!! Oscar has his ‘Prom’ evening on Thursday so will be having a buffet there, so will have a snack so we will have Frittata which is something he is not keen on. So here is our week’s menu which as I look out the window after a beautiful day is back to our British Summer and is rain!!!

Monday: Pasta with a cream cheese and broccoli sauce. Nice and easy

Tuesday: Homemade beef burgers,wedges and salad.

Wednesday: Vegetable chilli and rice

Thursday: Spinach Frittata , new potatoes, pea’s and salad.

Friday: Steak fajita’s, wraps, guacamole¬† and salad.

Plus a weekend of culinary delights from my husband, Bex and Oz!!!

I have linked up with At Home with Mrs M and her Meal Planning Monday. Do pop over and see what everyone else is eating and maybe join in too!!!


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8 Responses to "Meal planning Monday"

  1. I scoured my emails for this blog this morning! Am still recovering from some minor surgery on Friday and expected to be back to my normal self by Saturday. Having reluctantly admitted to myself that I am not super woman I have spent the weekend in bed being fussed by my lovely daughters and hubbie. But quite frankly, we are all looking forward to something ‘normal’ to eat after a few days of ‘whatever is to be found in the fridge that doesn’t require anything doing to it’.
    Pasta with cream sauce and brocolli? Perfect!
    Huge sighs of relief all around!

    1. Ali says:

      How nice to have someone scour their emails for my blog, thank you x I hope you are feeling better soon but always good to admit your not ‘Super woman’ and let yourself be spoilt. The pasta dish is really easy and yummy so hope you get someone to make it for you. Keep enjoy being spoilt x

  2. Love the idea of steak in fajitas we usually have chicken or turkey so may have to try that for a change.


    1. Ali says:

      It is really good with steak, plus it makes 2 steaks serve our family of four so perfect :-) Really good with a squeeze of lime for the last minute of cooking. x

  3. @milliepaw says:

    I do like the sound of pasta with cream cheese and broccoli. Steak fajitas are one of my favourites too.

    1. Ali says:

      Have to say my tummy is already rumbling for the pasta!!! It so easy and pretty healthy too plus most importantly yummy!

  4. I love fahitas – can I come over that night?

    1. Ali says:

      Of course, I will lay extra place :-) Red wine? x

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