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The downsize

This storage unit houses lots of things. Oscar has a school cupboard so books don't get lost!

This storage unit houses lots of things. Oscar even has a school cupboard so books don’t get lost!

It has been a long time since I updated you on ‘Project downsize’. After all that de-cluttering, packing and then moving life has been a whirl wind of sorting and settling in. Coping with the usual stresses of life to boot I have been a bit slack letting you all know how it all is going!

Last Friday our last bits came back from the storage unit, three months after moving out! I had been kind of dreading bringing everything back and it not fitting or the house would suddenly look tiny with too much stuff in it! But the good news is it all fitted. *Glances around,  most things now have a home, I have one big bag of Summer clothes that the vacuum bag broke so have not been able to suck it up into a smaller size! On the thought of the vac bags they originally seemed really good but most seem to have let in air so I have clear bags full of clothes instead! This has thrown my clothes storage vision of keeping all out of season clothes in the top cupboards of the wardrobes, so back to the drawing board on that one and hence the reason one bag of clothes is still staring at me!

An investment in a storage unit from Ikea for the now named family room means we even have empty draws and cupboards! I love the fact having the board games out like this means we play with them more! Before they were mostly in a cupboard in the integral garage so were used less often! I love grabbing a book and sitting on the sofa by the woodburner and relaxing before doing the supper run! It also means Cam’s blast from the past hobby of building model airplanes has a home too! Even I think they look fab on the top, sorry you will have to skint to see them! It is also lovely to have my books back, as a child I would never of believed I would say that but books to me are some weird kind of comfort, even the non-foodie ones!

We are revamping the kitchen on a budget, quite frankly Kirsty Allsop would be proud of me! But it will suit the house more and to be honest things change a bit and spending several thousands pounds on a new kitchen right now is not  the best investment of money.

Bex is doing her igcse at home now. Despite a fantastic school here, the damage of bullying has left marks that are too big to climb in the short two years left at school. This means income wise things from my point of view has to earned working from home so splashing out unnecessarily on a new kitchen seemed silly! Though I can not look in the direction of the gorgeous kitchens when I go to Ikea!!!

The big plus point in the downsize is bills have downsized too. Downsizing meant we were able to clear credit cards debts which mounted up as we tried to make a business succeed in a recession! There is something quite soul-destroying by paying huge bills only to just pay that awful monthly interest so this as you can imagine has been a huge thing for us.

The house we have moved into is lovely, it is plenty big enough and I like the area too! Somehow society has got a little greedy and we all if we are honest aspire to big houses that are maybe grander than we are realistically destined for! This has been a good move, this is where we are comfortable though my husband if watching certain property programmes mutters we going to get a lottery ticket this week!

I will update you more on way’s we have juggled the space and show you way’s we are revamping the kitchen without it costing a huge fortune!

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6 Responses to "The downsize"

  1. I need a unit for my books! Yours look beautiful there x

    1. Ali says:

      Ahh thank you! I like it, the books are nice and easy to pull out and then for me to fall on the sofa and read them, perfect!

  2. @goriami says:

    I have big wood burner envy! Looks lovely. Sorry to hear about your daughters bullying making it tough for her to want to return to a school, but good that she’s doing the igcses and has had the courage to say that’s what she wants. Hugs x

    1. Ali says:

      The wood burner is my new best friend ;-) I confess! Thanks for the hugs, it was the right decision with Bex though such a shame bullying has had such a massive impact for her and us! One day hopefully they will crack it and stamp out bullying, one day… x

  3. 76sunflowers says:

    Glad to hear its working out. I *ahem* revamped our kitchen with a lick of tile paint and cupboard paint – I like to think of it as shabby retro up cycling at its best! The size is always going to be an issue but like you say things do get greedy and as long as everyone’s happy and loved the house measurements aren’t that important. Looking for ward to seeing what you do x

    1. Ali says:

      May have purchased tile paint today :-) the shabby chic retro look is what I am going for, totally different I am sure from what Cam has in mind!!! The range cooker now has to remain in my dreams, till the lottery win right!!! x

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