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Christmas card babysitting swap

If your anything like me you wouldn’t have written your Christmas cards yet! If you have I bow down to you and sorry this little Christmas card scheme won’t help you this year but maybe next :-)

Now my guys are older this doesn’t work for me. They are night owls so it wouldn’t be a fair swap. But I know a lot of you have younger children so when my two were smaller this is what I did.

A friend and I used to baby sit for each over and well write our christmas cards. This had two benefits one you got a free baby sitter for a night out and two most importantly of course you got to write your cards.

When you’re in your own house there is so many distractions but go to someone elses while their children are sleeping and it’s a perfect peaceful few hours. Your cards get written and of course you can treat each other to a few baby sitting goodies (they are not just for teenagers you know!) and voila your cards are done.

Just remember take Christmas cards, address book, at least 3 pens just in case they run out!) and stamps if your really organised. So you could even post them on the way home :-)

I know this is a silly tip but Christmas card writing hangs over my head. I always like to write a little extra so it does take a while.

Anyway enjoy your Christmas card writing and please don’t all tell me you have done them already!!!!

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4 Responses to "Christmas card babysitting swap"

  1. Cam says:

    The trouble is you ladies looooove to write a novel inside your cards, us chaps are just happy with Best wishes from XYZ or even better a £5 as long as you open the card before the kids do!! :-)

    1. Ali says:

      Look forward to my £5 note then :-) xxxx

  2. Michelle Twin Mum says:

    Ohh very good idea but I have given up on cards in the main and now email a Christmas letter and some photos instead and give the money I would have spent on cards to charity instead.

    1. Ali says:

      Yes email is a good idea, I love the Jacquline Lawson e cards but you can’t hang them around the room :-) call me old fashioned but I love seeing the cards hanging up and the children love getting cards in the post and me too, better than the bills!!! I do mainly buy charity cards, which slightly amuses me when you look and they only give 10 or 20p but…..

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