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Online businessToday we spend so much time online. We socialise, find out information, go shopping, earn money, get maps and directions, book holidays, create pictures and edit them, look at houses (my current favourite). The list goes on and on.

Online is big business but if you are looking to create an online business it is important to get it right. If you are thinking of starting or improving your online business remember this. Your website represents you and your company. If someone has never met you the first impression of your website has to tell them exactly what you want them to know. Get it wrong and you’re a short click away to be filed in their history.

Get it right and you could be on the way to a very nice business, thank you very much!!! Look around at other people’s websites and see what you like or don’t. What makes a website easy to navigate and what makes you want to stay and buy from them or contact them about a service they offer. Always put yourself in your customer or clients shoes because they are the ones you need to impress and attract their attention. This knowledge will give you a great basis of building you a site that is right for your market which in turn will turn into more sales.

When looking for builds of website there are a huge an overwhelming choice. The option of creating your own is always there, the results of course can be very variable!!! Look at the experts people like Digivate see what they are doing. When having a website designed for you, it is not just about the building of it. It is about them knowing how to market you, what works for you best. There is no point having a fantastic website if it doesn’t do its job and earn you money. A good web designer whats to know about your business and who your ideal customer is.

What I love about online business is set up costs are lower, your reach is well world-wide and if you wanted to step out in the world of being self-employed you could take half a step whilst staying fully employed, until you build up your online business. Or an online business can give you an extra income stream on a part-time basis.

Like with any business you have to work at it. Having just a website is not enough and like with any business you will have to market it. But I still think the wonderful web has opened up lots of opportunities that before just wasn’t there.


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