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All ready for Legoland

As you can see all sorted for Legoland, well Bex is with her retro Lego coloured nails, what more does a girl need !!! Catch up with you in a few days time, I am on a cyber ban, my enforcement I would add, but if I did not ban myself, I am sure someone else would !!! x … Read entire article »

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Nearly a whole week being veggie

Bex and I went into town yesterday and we were caught by the waft of bacon, but did it get to me ? No, although it did smell very nice! So last night we had burgers, chickpea, courgette, red pepper, carrot, onion, garlic, fresh herbs and a bit of korma paste oh and an egg yolk was all that was needed. Home made beef burgers is a Dad and Oscar speciality. Oscar likes to have all the trimmings to make it more of a Krabby Patty (Sponge Bob!) including seeded buns. This is one of Oscar’s favourite meals so when I mentioned it was veggie burgers he was not quite convinced. I have to say the veggie ones are not only delicious, but all eaten up and enjoyed by all. Ozzie did say … Read entire article »

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Save the Children

Old fashioned mummy tagged me in this meme which I have just checked today and I need to do for tomorrow. I have already signed the petition at Red Ted Art I have had a bug this week, but unlike the children of Mozambique I was healthy enough and live in good conditions with clean water and fresh food to eat to shake it off quickly. My children have done some pictures of how they look now. It is hard for our children to understand what life must be like for these children, indeed it is hard for me to. We are all so lucky, despite all our complaining about things we really do not need to complain about. In January Save the Children launched it’s most ambitious campaign to date, No Child Born to Die. … Read entire article »

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My vegetarian week

Well so far so good, except I have been ill and so has Oscar but after all the goodies we have been eating I don’t think I can blame it on the lack of meat. I have stuck to my menu for the week, not in order of course. That would be to organised and would not be really me. As I said I have not been very well, even took to bed for a few hours most unlike me. As my throat felt like I am swallowing barbed wire and a quick guzzle of acid with it, I decided I may need a bit of a vitamin boost. My only thing with being vegetarian would be iron getting enough and a few of the other vitamins. To ease my throat and to give … Read entire article »

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Easy or not vegetarian

Click here to read my review Is it me or are vegetarian meals a bit more work ? You do have to think a bit more, especially making sure you get all the nutrients you need. So far we have had Nettle Quiche made with a delicious potato pastry, gluten free as well but you can make it with regular flour too. It was classed as amazing by Bex my daughter, quite good by my less adventuress son Oscar and pretty dam delicious by Cam my husband and myself. Then there was lentil and cheese wedge, again rather splendid if I say so myself. We have had this before so was enjoyed by all. When I look at my menu I see cheese has featured pretty heavily on it. I have been trying out Butlers … Read entire article »

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Rachel Demuth’s five top tips

Rachel Demuth is the chef proprietor of the award- winning Demuths vegetarian restaurant in Bath. With over 30 years’ experience, this self-taught chef and cookery teacher has also been running the Vegetarian Cookery School (VCS) for the past decade. In 2010 Demuths was awarded Best Vegetarian Restaurant by Gourmet Britain and Rachel was awarded Best Bath Businesswoman of the Year. Rachel Demuth’s five top tips about how to get your family enthused about eating more meat-free meals Children love to cook, in particular to make bread. It’s the total immersion in flour, stickiness and mess that miraculously – through kneading and baking – results in a beautiful puffed up warm loaf of bread that can be eaten almost straight away. Make your food colourful – create vibrant salads and stir fries with a rainbow … Read entire article »

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National Vegetarian Week

At the age of nine, my school was chosen to do a T.V. programme about farming. Looking back the ones who got to go to the free range farm were the luckiest. The rest of us, well were not quite so lucky apart from a day away from school. I was chosen to visit a battery egg farm and after that experience I decided to become vegetarian. I know that these are eggs, but since then it’s free range all the way. I stayed veggie until I was about 18, like many of us the bacon got to me and shortly following that all the other meats. Now I wouldn’t choose to be veggie but I do like to eat at least three vegetarian meals a week. My brother remains veggie still and … Read entire article »

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Prepare yourself for Summer

Click here to read my review Most of us being busy Mum’s, how long do we spend on pamper time for ourselves and who will admit to the fact winter is so much lower maintenance than the summer. Well, I will put my hands up to that one. Summer means flip flops and sandals, that means nice feet. I usually have my toes painted, it always cheers me up, but the occasional once over with a Pedi egg (do recommend) and a squirt of foot cream is the most my feet get in the winter. Even though I might add that as I said in a much earlier post when you give your feet a good once over you do feel a whole lot lighter. Summer also means smooth skin and hair free, … Read entire article »

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The Fantastic Launch of The ABC Animals Books

I am very lucky in living  just a couple of doors away from the very talented Emma Tofi, until this March I had no idea how talented she was! When I read in a local paper what Emma had been up to and about the ABC Animals children’s books she had written covering issues which had affected my daughter, I was very excited. Bex and I went to the most successful book launch that Wadebridge Book Shop had ever had and when I read the books I could see why. I can not recommend these books highly enough, I can see them being great teachers resources, but equally must have books on your children’s bookshelves. My two children 11 and 9 both really liked the stories although they are aimed at a little bit … Read entire article »

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My old school friend is 40 this week which means…

I am not quite sure what has happened to May, so far it seems to have gone by so quickly or maybe it is true and when your getting older time goes quicker, not liking that thought really. Anyway a quick glimpse at the calendar and I realise I need to go present buying for my oldest friends birthday. Well not my oldest friend I have lots of friends older than me tactical of course !!! Actually my two best friends here in Cornwall, one is 9 years younger and one is 9 years older had to put that in just in case you really thought I chose older friends to make me feel younger, though this could be a plan I may need to investigate. So anyway my oldest best friend … Read entire article »

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