Twelfth night

Twelfth Night

As tonight is the twelfth night it must mean I have been 12 days of blogging free, very slack. Every year I Google when I am supposed to take the decorations down. Apparently sadly it is today but some say tomorrow, the superstitious part of me will go for today just in case!

I hate taking the decorations down, they always brighten up a dull day. When taking them down it only feels like yesterday that we were putting them up. Reminding me that time does go far to fast. Christmas this year seemed to go at an extra speed too. A nice time was had though this year thoughts have been in many directions.

Last year I didn’t want to let go of 2011 and this year in lots of respect I was glad to say goodbye to 2012. So we creep into 2013 and no-one ever really knows what it will bring. Still the government cheer us up by announcing we have gone into a triple dip recession and tell us 2013 will be tough. They do have a way of making the national have a feel good factor don’t they? Still the triple dip just makes me think of triple chocolate so I going with that in mind instead!!!

Twelfth nightThe Radio Times has finished, another semi tradition to add to my other list of Christmas traditions. I always buy it at Christmas and I am not a telly head but I just like flipping through it seeing if I get tempted to sit and watch anything good. I enjoyed ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ and ‘Mr Stink’ was enjoyed too.  Embarrassingly enough Mr Stink’s dog a similar breed to one of my dogs looked far better groomed and shiny!!! Which will make me reach for the dog shampoo some time soon. Obviously with that choice it shows I am a bit of a kid at heart. I did enjoy ‘Bolt’ last night too!!!

This years Christmas cake if I say so myself is the best I have ever made but another sign Christmas is all but over, we are coming to the end of the cake. Well a few more slices from there for Oz and I (Bex and Cam don’t like it) I had to make it and marzipan and ice it very early for Mermaid cookware as a recipe for them. So I was slightly concerned by icing it etc mid November it may not be so great. But strangely quite the opposite, it was far moist (*that is a fab word isn’t it) than if I had fed it like I usually do. Maybe I have stumbled upon something here. After all people send wedding cake quite a while after the wedding so not sure why people say to not ice and marzipan Christmas cake until the week before. May have to through that question to the lovely Mary Berry. Though if you have the answer do tell.

So the sun is out, well a glimmer and the decorations need to be taken down. Tonight we will pull the left over crackers and eat a 12th night meal of roast chicken and all the extra bits.

Wishing that 2013 is kind to you all


*Bex is right I am turning into Miranda Hart!!!



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